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We are about 50 volunteers from different churches in Singapore. We come together monthly to discuss progress on current projects and requests for funding other social mission projects.


Our Inspirations


Read what our Volunteers have to say about their life-changing experiences and what inspires them.

"It is in this small but significant way we can try to redress the dreadful imbalance..."


"...I felt a great sense of purpose in being there"


"The experience was one of the turning points in my life..."

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About Us


Our History

JRS Singapore was formed in the early 1980's to address the urgent Vietnamese Refugee and East Timor crises. The country's first coordinator was Fr Desmond Reid who "...will be best remembered for his untiring efforts as coordinator for the Jesuit Refugee Services at the height of the exodus of the boat people from Vietnam after the war. Father Reid would not only appeal for material donations for the refugees in the Hawkins Road Camp, he would personally go down to mingle with them, teaching them English". In 1999, Fr Colin Tan SJ was appointed Country Director.


JRS Singapore reports directly to the JRS Asia Pacific Regional Director, based in Bangkok, Thailand. Activities were temporarily suspended during the period April 2012 to August 2013 to focus on the formation of the Jesuit Mission Office. Projects have since resumed under the new leadership of Gordon Pinto as Country Representative, Karen Singarayar and Adrian Teo as Deputy Country Representatives.




Our Mission

Like JRS International, our mission is to accompany, to serve and to plead the cause of refugees and forcibly displaced people and we do this by:

• Working with parish groups to visit, fund projects and create awareness of the plight of   refugees in the region.
• Support JRS regional offices in their projects and in sourcing for long-term volunteers to   work in their programmes.

Our Past Projects

• 2008: Visit to Bantaey Prieb, Cambodia to identify needs of children from School for the   Victims of Landmines.

• 2008: Visit to Thailand to identify needs of Krung Jor Temporary Camp.

• 2010: Trip to Ranong, southern Thailand to identify needs of migrants.

• 2010: Trip to Sri Lanka to identify needs of those displaced by Sri Lanka Civil War.

• 2014: Supported Marist Asia Foundation for HIV Aids Health Project and Burmese   Migrant Secondary Education Programme.


Our Current Projects

1990 to Current: Urban Refugee Program in Bangkok, Thailand

2004 to Current: Project Damak, Nepal for Bhutanese Refugees

2006 to Current: Project Mae Sot, Thailand for Burmese Refugees
2008 to Current: Project Myitkyina for Burmese Teacher Training
2014 to Current: Project Manado, Indonesia for English Language Lessons


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