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Accompaniment for Human Trafficking Victims in Singapore - A Sharing

Anti-Human Trafficking Workshop with Community Building - A Sharing



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Accompaniment for Human Trafficking Victims in Singapore - A Sharing

January 2015.

A group of five JRS volunteers brought about 30 residents from a shelter for women and children for a game of bowling in January 2015. They came from different developing countries in Asia to seek a better life, but ended up as victims of abuse or human trafficking. Each was under enormous levels of stress because of their situation here, their adverse circumstances back home, and their uncertain future when eventually deported.


Our volunteers were glad to have brought them some relief, even if it was only for a day. There was much laughter as bowling balls were thrown with more enthusiasm than skill. Some showed a tinge of sadness as they missed loved ones back home, and felt guilty enjoying the food and games whilst their families were impoverished. When an airplane flew past, many waved at it wishing they were onboard, or at least hoping the plane would bring their love and well wishes home.


In the end, we were humbled by the strength and love for family which these women had displayed.


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Anti-Human Trafficking Workshop with Community Building - A Sharing

25 to 30 January 2015

Myitkyina, a word I have never heard of before. Where in the world is this place? A familiar thought in the days leading up to my departure. It has been quite a while since I had a new experience in terms of humanity and learning as well as going to a new place and the trip encapsulated both so what more could I ask for.


Six of us JRS volunteers set out with the mission to conduct an anti-human trafficking workshop, to a group of 30 community leaders. A week before our arrival, we heard of the deaths of two young teachers working near the town who had been raped and disfigured. Unshaken, we arrived at CLAY, a youth centre founded by the Columbian Sisters and where the workshop was to be held. We were supported by a team of community workers, who were also our translators, a lead trainer with her own NGO and sub-coaches for the workshop.


Our lead trainer educated all on the nature, process and consequences of human trafficking and we were grouped for role-playing. The following day we progressed from learning how to create awareness to developing concrete steps for change, through community building. We did more sharing with community leaders and their villagers and learnt that human trafficking is a prevalent issue for them. However, despite the rampant incidents, it was difficult to document official statistics given various obstacles and circumstances. Futhermore, many human trafficking incidents happen without the community realizing that it is ‘human trafficking’ and its legal implications.


Now, almost two months upon returning from Burma, the stories of the men and women of Myitkyina still resonates in our minds. They will continue to face intense challenges amidst the prevalence of drugs and human trafficking. The trip will always serve as a good reminder and a needed revival for me on the realities of the world and a motivation to continue being connected with people in need. It was clear that the call for and to be Christ, is constant and vital.


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